Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Car

Well, we finally did it! We got a new car for me! After years of having Honda's I finally got a new to me but, a used Nissan Altima! I'm so happy with our purchase. Its a bit fancy for me as I'm used to having a car with more than 90,000 miles on it to start! It is really roomy for our little girl heading our way soon. It's about 3 more months!! OMG we have so much to do!

Monday, August 9, 2010

24 weeks

Here I am at 24weeks. That's 6 months already! Wow! I'm feeling pretty good. I feel her kicking and streching around in there. Its so cool. Billy finally got to feel her and we got to see her kick so hard she moved my belly a little bit. This is also her new room. I"m againest a lilac purple and teal wall. I hope to get more decorations soon and would love to get more things on the walls soon.

Some pages I finally got done!

Finally! I was a little rusty but with my sister's help and all her goodies that she has I got 3 pages done!