Thursday, September 2, 2010

Third Trimester.....

I thought for sure I would never make it to third trimester!! But I did! Right now I feel great. I'm growing and she's growing every day! She weighs about 2 lbs right not. I went and had my doctors appointment last week. This is the one that I always read about where you have to drink the "orange" stuff. This is for the Gestational Diabetes. So, I did my part drank the orange juice which was not bad at all. It taste like sugary Faygo without the fizz. Had my blood drawn to see if I passed. Well, since its been over a week and I haven't heard from my doctor I guess I passed!! Now its just down to the wire. I go to my doctor every two weeks now instead of 4 weeks. EEEKS!!

I have 3 upcoming baby showers I can't wait to attend. My lovely family and friends are putting together for our little girl! We got our dresser the other day and all her furniture is set and ready for her to show up in the next 12 weeks or so!