Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Davis Room

Here are a few photos of the room. It's very purple and I love it!! I just hope she likes the color purple too :) Zea our cat is still now sure what is going on. We keep bringing new stuff in here for her to explore. I'm really curious how she will do with the baby.

33 Weeks & Counting

Finally, its been awhile!! We have been so busy getting ready for the little one to get here. I have had two baby showers which were so cute and fun! One more to go! I can't thank everyone enough for all there help and all the work they have done for the showers!!
I can't believe I'm 33 weeks already! Time is flying by! I've been feeling pretty good. She is moving around in the small space that she has which sometimes can be a bit painful. We have also been also taking our birthing classes for the last 5 week. Its been a great learning experience for sure! Only 2 more classes left. I feel we are in the home stretch now! The room is basically done!